Depending on your base specialty, you will likely be using one of several portfolio systems.

For Core Anaesthesia, ACCS-anaesthesia and ICM trainees:

The RCoA use a platform called Lifelong Learning (LLP). Once you have registered with the RCoA you will be given access. The platform will have links to all workplace-based assessments and relevant. It also has a logbook incorporated, to log both anaesthetic cases as well as during your Intensive Care placements. For those on the ACCS pathway it also has specific ACCS titled assessments.

Many anaesthetist trainees will be familiar with this, and the college provides tutorials on using LLP on their website:


Also see our lifelong learning page:

Lifelong Learning PlatformLifelong Learning Platform

For ACCS non-anaesthetic trainees:

You will using your base specialty portfolio system. None of these will be familiar with most anaesthetists as it was only introduced recently. However, all the WBAs you will need are available to select with the same titles as set out by the RCoA. It will then be up to you to populate appropriately.

You will need a separate anaesthesia logbook. There are lots available as apps. Many people have used the Anaesthetic App (https://anaesthetics.app/) which was developed by a previous trainee, and is in-line with RCoA requirements. It’s also free! Summaries can be generated and exported as files which you can upload.

For those on other pathways or anything other questions regarding portfolios, please consult with either your Educational Supervisor or the College Tutor for advice.

Whilst we are familiar with the lifelong learning platform, some aspects of training like additional logbook evidence of competency progression. Feel free to look at the list below for a template or to use:


A logbook to that allows you to search educational resources linked to the cases you add.


Excel Based Logbook for recording pain modules

Logbook for recording ICM cases and procedures